No Sew DIY Tutu Bustle!

No Sew DIY Tutu Bustle!

Man, I didn’t just finish this project, I am slam dunked it. I am soo happy with how this feels on, and how amazing it looks. It seriously, seriously is so fluffy and amazing to wear. It certainly takes a little bit of time, but it is worth it. And the skills you need are minimal!
What you need:
– About 10m of tulle. I can’t remember if I bought more or not but I have none left over. I did buy some more in a roll but I didn’t use it as it was the wrong colour.
2-5m of crinoline. I didn’t use much of this, it was just to give extra fluff on the butt.
– 1.5m of broadcloth.
200ish studs. These are super cheap off of eBay. I had a bunch left over from other projects so I used ones with fake diamonds, flowers, and pyramid studs. These are actually a few dollars including shipping so no need to be stingy.
– An old belt. The one I used was something someone gave me for Christmas and I figured I’d NEVER wear it. Well I guess I was wrong.
– Flowers for decoration. I could have used trim on this project but I wanted it to be a new sewing project, and the trim that I bought for this costume was too damn tiny. Also I was trying to put the trim on AFTER I had the tulle on.
Card board, scissors, paint/spray paint, a paint brush, and a hot glue gun

Okay! Let’s get started.

See that big pile of tulle you just bought? Okay so I decided I wanted to make my strips about 8 inches wide, and how ever long the tulle was long. I cut out a piece of card board that I had kicking around my room, and wrapped all the tulle around it. This is a bit tricky to cut up the sides. I recommend binder clips or something but I didn’t have that. It doesn’t matter if the strips aren’t even. At all. You can’t see it in the fluff.

DIY Tutu Bustle Cutting Method

DIY Tutu Bustle Cut Fabric

Your fabric after it’s cut.

Your fabric is actually doubled over, so the strips will be REALLY long. Just cut them into whatever lengths you want. Sometimes I cut it into 3 shorter ones, and sometimes 2 longer ones. I know, wild.

Let’s make the base!
DIY Tutu Bustle Base

I have a dress form. If you don’t, you may need a friend for this part. I just pinned it to the form and and freehanded it. I knew I wanted the fabric to drape a certain way so I just cut out along where I wanted it to be. This broadcloth is super cheap and made a great base.

Bring in the studs!
DIY Tutu Bustle Studs

So get a penny (or a nickle if you’re Canadian) and get ready to do some intense studding. Get some videos and strap your self in for the ride. You fold up the tulle accordion style and push the stud through it and the base fabric. Push the 4 prongs towards each other and make sure you push it inside the stud. This makes it really secure. Use the coin to help push in the prongs. I tacked mine in staggered rows. I made the rows fairly close to each other on top, but further apart as I got to the bottom as I ran out of fabric but you need less. I used the crinoline in the butt area to give it more fluff. Yes, I wanted a fluffy butt.


Cut vs Uncut

The flower trim.
I don’t need to say much on this besides the fact that I popped these fake flowers off their stems and cut off the little nub to make it easier to glue.

But how will I wear it?!
Oh man, do I got the answers. I didn’t take a picture of the belt before I started but basically imagine that belt from Claire’s with the black and blue studs. Yeah, that one. Someone gave me one for Christmas and I found it and was like “Yup this is it”. So when I started painting it I was like “Oh god this is terrible”. I had the gold paint, and started with a white base, but surprisingly enough, it turned out really good. I wanted it to fit around my waist so I had to make a new notch in the belt, and just cut off the excess.
DIY Tutu Bustle Belt

When I was done with the skirt and the painted gold belt I just glue gunned the fabric to the back side of the belt. It was super duper easy!

And you put it together and what do you got?!
IMG_3112 IMG_3115 IMG_3118 This is perfection! I am so proud of this peacock of fluffiness! I plan on wearing it over a corset but you could do a similar, if not smaller version for a Halloween costume! So many possibilities!

Do you love it? What do you think? Leave your comments!

Best wishes,

2 responses to “No Sew DIY Tutu Bustle!

  1. This is so cool! I love how fluffy and pretty it is. Great job. 🙂

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